Evaluate patients with our easy-to-use Nursing+ mobile platform. This custom suite of tools guides nurses through patient assessments, incorporating the latest nursing standards.

Manage complex conditions to improve patient health outcomes and reduce overall practice costs with the Chronic Care Management tool.

Allow your patients to set appointments, view the latest lab results, and check up-to-date care instructions with our Patient+ platform.

Standardize Nursing Care




Optimize Care for Chronic Conditions
Connect Your Patients



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Lower operating costs

Chronic Care Management


Prepare for MACRA Regulations

Improve patient health outcomes

Our system, shaped and operated by nurses, is designed to optimize chronic care.
CCM+ facilitates the creation of a comprehensive care plan by combining conditions, nursing diagnoses and interventions 
into a consistent, structured report.

Comprehensive Care Plan



Impaired Gas Exchange

Ineffective Breathing Pattern

Risk for Activity Tolerance

Monitor and record vital signs.

Administer medications as ordered​.

A customizable patient management platform for nurses, patients, and admins

Our mobile application distributes sophisticated protocols and checklists to nurses as they perform patient assessments. With rapid data entry, custom protocols and automated task lists, Nursing+ aims to transform bedside care.


Patient documentation is automatically generated, eliminating the need to complete tedious reports. Administrators can access daily reports on demand.
​​​Mobile Bedside Patient Management System



Enable Secure Messaging

Report Lab Results


Administer Surveys


Schedule Appointments


Give patients the tools they need to receive better healthcare.